Social Events

Ice Breaker

Haritatos Estate

On the Ionian island of Kefalonia, close to Lixouri, amongst olive groves, cypresses, orchards, aromatic plants and herbs, rests the ancestral family-run Haritatos Vineyard.
This boutique winery produces P.G.l. wines only from native indigenous grape varieties, crafted with the minimum possible intervention, bringing out the varietal characteristics, highlighting the Kefalonian terroir, but mostly summing up the Haritatos family philosophy for fine delicious wines.
During the Ice Breaker, a Wine Tasting will take place. If you are interested in participating, please let us know via email (
The cost for the Wine Tasting per person is 20 euros.

Gala Dinner


The Colloquiums’ Gala dinner will take place at Vardianoi Restaurant Bar.
An incredible place for all the participants to enjoy the magnificent traditional Greek cuisine and the captivating view.
Bus transportation will be provided, starting from selected locations in Lixouri, which will be announced at the Colloquium.