City Information Lixouri, Kefalonia

City Information

Lixouri is the second largest town of Kefalonia and its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and tourism.
The town lies opposite the blue bay of Argostoli, with its location allowing it to overlook the capital.
Regular ferries connect the two destinations, with the crossing lasting no more than half an hour.

The beautiful Lixouri was built on the site where the ancient city of Pali used to be, one of the four principal cities of Kefalonia during antiquity.
Due to the major earthquake of 1953, the city was destroyed and only a couple of mansions survived.

Lixouri gathers a great number of tourists from the beginning of the summer season.
Plenty of restaurants and bars line the busy waterfront and modern bars are filled with young crowds.
The main square (Petritsi Square) is at the center of attention surrounded by many old-fashioned cafes.

A stroll around the village reveals old churches with nice frescoes, the Iakovatios Library and neoclassical buildings.
For swimming you can visit the beautiful beaches of Lepeda, Xi and Megas Lakos which are located in proximity to the town.